Techpana has no competition in the market – Gopal Saud


Techpana is an online portal that has succeeded in creating a distinct identity and position in the field of information technology in a short period of time. It has been presenting itself in different directions since the early days, including connecting and informing some different themes to technology readers. We have presented a conversation with its co-founder and editor of Techpana, Mr. Gopal Saud about the beginning, review of the journey and future plans about Techpana, which has managed to create a distinct impression among the readers in its journey of about 2 years:

How was Techpana’s initial journey?

Tekpana’s journey has been started with a group of journalists working in some mainstream media working in the information technology sector with the aim of specializing in the technology sector. Techpana news portal was started by realizing that it is important to bring the tech related daily update to the readers as daily business and political news we share. We started out in the middle of fear, but we were able to deliver great content.

How did the name Techpana come to be?

We have tried to connect everything, from its logo to the genre we serve. Aiming at both foreign and Nepali audiences, we have combined the words “Tech” and “Pana” from the words “Tech” and “Page” of the technology that everyone has embraced, and we have named it Techpana. Also, since the technology itself is related to eco-friendly and greenery, we have used green and light black colors in its logo. We have considered a lot of things in its name and have come up with some different and easy names that are all inclusive among many names.

How did Techpana’s journey continued ahead?

Before starting Techpana, we were limited to creating news content and although we did not know enough about the technology. But we were sure about what content we should publish. From the very beginning, we have prioritized video content and put a special emphasis on accurate videos, creating a learning environment and conveying some message in every piece of content. In addition to continuing the process of learning, we have been improving the content that the readers may like by making the final content.

What is the difference between the day you started Techpana and now?

Having started with 3 full-time employees, we have now reached about 12 people and despite this epidemic, we have managed to reach a recognizable position among the specialized media of Nepal in such a short time. Our position is better than the portals which have been working in this field for 10/12 years and we have managed to advance to the expected level. If such adversity had not come, we would have been in a higher position now, but such a situation to be disappointed has not been created.

How do you differentiate yourself from other media?

We are challenging ourselves so we have no competition outsides. There are many things to be done and many things to improve, which we are not very satisfied with doing. There may have been many media before us and more may have been added later, but I don’t think it is necessary to keep thinking or showing what makes us different from others because we are noticeable in this crowd.If you are a tech savvy reader, you can easily find that what, why, and how Techpana is different from others.

What is Techpana’s future plan?

We will be working on how to do what we are doing better, become the media they need among more readers, how to move forward with the times and improve ourselves. And, improving the overall sector, we want to bring people in the information technology sector as a bridge to connect them and people look at us in that way and we want to try to eliminate those gaps by emphasizing how technology can be made effective.

(This article is based on the virtual interview with Co-founder of Techpana, Mr. Gopal Saud.)

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