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It is said, ‘Only dreaming is not enough, for that you have to work tirelessly, work hard and be patient’. Not everyone can achieve what they dreamed. Sometimes obstacles, bottlenecks and difficulties may arise in the middle of trying to complete the work that you have started. If you persist in it without getting distracted, you can achieve success.

Samir Phuyal from Goth village Morang is an exemplary personality who achieved success after continuous dedication. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bytecare Technologies. He is studying in the first semester of graduation. The ‘Mero Karobar’ app created by him has managed to attract many people.

Mero Karobar is an app to keep your store’s transactions digitally. Her parents were running a retail cosmetic shop in Morang. His father used to have the trouble of flipping accounts for 10-15 minutes when people borrowed goods and later came to pay in cash. So one day, father told him to make an app for it. He felt this was necessary. He was studying in class 12 at that time. He planned to start this after the exam.

But without the exam, the wave of Corona (COVID 19) came and there was a lockdown across the country. Making use of this time, they started planning what to do and how to do it. Various re-searches were started. No app related to such thing is yet operational in Nepal. He was more eager to work. He started the work for development with some friends. Within about 4-5 months after the hard work of him and some of his friends, Mero Karobar app was born in December 2020 AD. He remembers that even though it was difficult to decide what to make, how to make it, and where to host it, he continued to search and found a solution.

At the initial stage, shopkeepers and personal representatives registered and kept records of their transactions with customers. This app can be used in both Nepali and English languages. According to him, in this app, you can keep the customer’s name, phone number, transaction details and money, and if someone says that he will pay in a few days, you can also keep a reminder.

Some people are now worried about what happens when they lose their mobile, where is my data available, etc. He urges such people to be confident that the data will be automatically backed up as soon as the mobile number is logged in and no data will be lost. He says that since the data of the business will be backed up, even the oldest account with the customer can be tracked and this will give a reliable basis for the calculation of the entire turnover of the businessman.

Aimed at small and medium-sized shopkeepers, people who are running a business on loan, they launched a mobile app called Mero Karobar available on both Android and iOS. This free-to-use app was launched on Android in its early stages, but was recently launched on iOS. “This app is also available in both offline and online mode, after loading the offline data, the data is synced when going online,” adds Samir.

Family and friends also have a special contribution in completing the work they have started. Sometimes there may be complications in team management, division of work, but with continuous practice, the problem will definitely be solved. He says that while dealing with such problems, an opportunity has been created for them to improve and become more mature. In the coming days they plan to go through digital marketing to take Mero Karobar app to the masses. He adds that they are receiving good suggestions, advice as well as enough information about shortcomings in the Facebook page and messages. He also expressed the belief that it will help to do better in the future.

Mero Karobar app also has other features such as creating a personal digital account, tracking transactions, downloading customer reports, etc. Phuyal says that  Mero Karobar app aims to make the business of small shops paperless. Now the app has a feature of uploading images (bills) and tracking what day, how much expenses and how much income is also added. Also ‘ Mero Karobar’ also working on features of Sales, Purchase, Inventory and more.

(This article is based upon an online interview with founder and CEO Mr. Samir Phuyal)

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