To the one who show me the beauty of life-Dear Mamu

Binita Karki B

The first word I learned after entering this beautiful world is momma, and ever since it has become my favorite. To date, when I am in pain, when I am happy, the first word that comes out is “Momma”. After a hectic day, unproductive day, stressing day, no sleeping pills can give a peaceful sleep else than your soothing voice and convincing words full of hope to start another great day, stand and shine again.  I owe you momma for tolerating and dealing with all those unbearable pains, mood swings, midnight cravings, sleepless nights, mental traumas, struggling to get your favorite food, sleeping empty stomach, the nine months journey was just a piece of a lifelong nightmare which was about to begin.

A lady young enough to live her life to the fullest, dream big, hang out with friends, and enjoy her favorite food was now leaving everything besides and finding joy in my little crackles and smile. She wouldn’t mind fighting with the world to provide me the comfort and the peace of life. The only thing that mattered to her is the smile on my face,  the peaceful sleep every night, my success, my health, and everything related to my happiness.

Multiple times her body was shivering with cold, the temperature was increasing, her body needs rest, but out of extreme pain she cooks for me so that I don’t have to sleep empty stomach, she was always there to find out my missing stuff which I could barely have found, still tolerates all my demands and tantrums without any complaints. Someone, I wonder how could someone be so great, sacrifice everything for others and still smile without any expectations. 

To my surprise, she never got a chance to hold a degree certificate, but whenever I am in pain she becomes the best doctor, when I feel low she becomes the best therapist and a healer, when I feel happy she is there to cheer up me first and till date, all the credit to whatever I have accomplished in life goes to her. Without her, I couldn’t have been able to become a proud person who can keep her opinion freely and held her head high. 

My dear momma, when I got the first vaccination, you were the one who cried out of pain more than me, when I learn to speak for the first time you were super happy and when I was learning to walk you was always there to ensure I am safe when I went to school for the first time, you were the one who gathers the courage to fight with the world so that I can get the best education, when I had exams she was awake till late night and woke up early to ensure everything was ready and up to date so that I can focus on my study. She slept empty stomach so that I can enjoy the best meal, and she wore old clothes so that she can fulfill all my desires. Working the whole day tirelessly, struggling with health issues, without any complaint she never failed to amaze me providing the best out of everything. 

I believe in supernatural power and magics just because of you. Because she is just not only my mom, she is a wonderful woman who can do magics by distancing all my pains, understanding my unspoken words so well, and have left all her desires and dream yet finding joy in her family. She has ample issues to deal with, has been dealing with many bad ones but still has no complaints. I get surprised by seeing her how can someone be so selfless. In this world full of selfish heads, you have always guided me on the path of truth, self-confidence and to find the sparkle of joy in whatever you do.

You are just perfect and the best of the best. I am glad to be your daughter. You are my everything-my teacher, my friend, a well-wisher, a support system, my confidence, and my best dream. I wish I could gift you with all the happiness and comfort so that I can ever see you smiling. I adore you momma and miss you a lot. You are the reason behind the peace of my sleep, the beauty of confidence I wear, the source to live fearlessly and flaunt all the flaws. Thank you would be a very small word to give justice to all the sacrifice and the love and trust you have showered to me. I am blessed because you were, are, and will be always with me. Sending you hugs, love, and praying for your good health and happiness. Dherai dherai maya mamu ❤ Will make you proud one day❤

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