An alternative to a trial license is a QR Code License


Recently, the trend of QR Code is increasing in Nepal. The QR code services, especially for payments, are becoming popular. In addition, the influence of Nepal, which is entering the digital age, is gradually starting to be seen even in the driver’s license. A few years ago, the transport system department, which has entered into digitization by transforming the paper license into a smart card, is going to distribute the trial license by including a QR code. From this July, drivers who have passed the experimental test will be issued a license with a QR code, which will be valid for a period of one year.
Along with this, the transport department is now going to distribute two types of driver’s license. Probationary provisional licenses will be issued to the drivers who pass the trial, which will have a QR code and after one year only the drivers who pass the trial period will be issued a smart driving license.
The traffic police will check the driver’s license based on the QR code, in which all the necessary details of the driver will be known by the traffic through his mobile phone. They will also know whether the card is fake or genuine.
During the probationary period of the license, if a driver is caught in traffic more than five times in a period of one year, the smart license will not be given and they will have to take the license test again.
Similarly, such a card will be distributed to the person who has applied for the renewal of the driver’s license until the new smart license is obtained. These cards will be distributed from 19 offices of the Transport Management Department across the country including Kathmandu.
Similarly, to make the trial for the license more convenient, it is now possible to pass the practical test of the trial by scoring a total of 70 points, and an app has also been developed for the trial.
QR code license was launched in India in 2018. In addition, QR code licenses are in use in Latin America, Canada, France, Malaysia and other countries. 

How do you feel about the QR Code scheme on license?

  • An article by Binita Karki for TSC Magazine
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