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There are probably few people who don’t get hassled as soon as they say that they have to go to the government office. I get tired of sitting in the office and seeing the queues and slowness of work.

Nowadays, there are few people who are not familiar with technology and do not use it, they have a mobile phone in their hand, and any information about the world can be easily obtained with one click. Banks, schools, restaurants, etc, all have started adopting online technology. Moreover, due to this covid-19, from children to adults all are busy using the technology, mainly online. Being able to use communication and information technology at home is good news for everyone.

Keeping this in mind, the government of Nepal has launched the “Nagarik App”. The Nepal government has launched this application with the goal of providing government services hand in hand to the citizens. This app has been launched with the slogan “Citizen app for simple, convenient and effective government services online 24 hours a day”. Through this app, government services can be used easily from mobile. Minister of Communication and Information Parbat Gurung, who digitized all the services provided by the government of Nepal and can use them in an accessible manner, informed about the launch of the Nagarik App through a press meet held at Singh Darbar on 2nd March 2077.

This app helps every Nepali citizen to do government work easily and conveniently at home. It is said that the Nagarik app, which is currently providing 9 facilities, will provide many more facilities in the future. Through this app, citizens can fill the PAN card application and all the tax related details can be viewed from their own mobile. Citizenship, passport, educational certificate, voter ID card can also be obtained. Citizens can also get information about how much money is deposited in the savings fund, citizen investment fund and social security fund account. Also, complaints can be made through Hello Government using the app itself.

How to use Nagarik App:
•  Log in with your own mobile number,
•  Enter citizenship number, date of birth and date of issue,
•  Enter passport details and date of birth if passport,
•  Enter voter card details and company registration details (if any).

It is said that by using this app, the facility can be available even on public holidays, reducing the hassle of paper, time and queuing.
With these features, people are complaining about various problems in this app. When there are complaints about some details related to citizenship not being matched, Secretary and Information Officer of Home Ministry Premlal Lamichhane has said that this app is currently under testing and has started to correct all these errors. However, the good work done by the government should be appreciated. Perhaps now we will soon be free from the problem of standing in line for hours to do a job.

– Anusa Sahal

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